information genie (ĭn′fər-māʹshən jēʹnē)  n. – 1. One who transforms unstructured information into clear, usable, and visually attractive materials. 2. Researcher, writer, editor, information designer; usually analytical.

Words and Information Design

Specializing in expository and academic content

I am a substantive editor. I evaluate a document as a whole — its arguments, organization, readability, style, and design — then work with the author to transform the content into easily understood information that is designed for its intended use and audience.

I also write content — sometimes from scratch and sometimes as part of a substantive edit. My strength is writing expository content that draws on my third skill, research. I am a rigorous, analytical researcher with a knack for finding what can’t be found.

I work in visual design as well as words, paying particular attention to how text and images combine for optimal information sharing. I have a special interest in, and use, the principles of "story," such as narrative arc and case method, to shape information, both verbal and visual.

I draw on my experience in health care, policy, law, and business writing to specialize in preparing documents in those fields. I work a great deal with academic content, drawing on my experience in peer-reviewed publishing and my interest in instructional design. But those are not my limits; research and an analytical mind bring many topics within my reach.

Contact me if you've got information that needs a little transformational care.