Goodies for Gina


Hi there! Thank you for visiting the super secret planning page for Gina's upcoming 50th birthday! Read on for details, and I hope you'll participate!


Gina's birthday is on January 1st and I am preparing something special for her: a published book of greetings—photos, stories, wishes, sketches—from all of her friends, family, and colleagues.

But, shh, it’s a SECRET!

The more people who contribute to the book, the better. So, first, I hope you will participate. Second, please help me get the message out to everyone by sending this request and the link to this secret page to any of Gina’s colleagues, family, and friends you know. (I’m sure people won’t mind if they get the message from a few sources, so don’t be shy about sharing the link.)

Pictures and Words

I’m inviting people to submit a photo, drawing, postcard (whatever helps you tell Gina what she means to you) and a story or greeting. Don't be shy: a paragraph or two is usually lots for this kind of thing, and even a single line is important. Perhaps you’d like to recall a special moment or event, wish Gina a happy birthday, write a poem, or … well, be creative!

Don’t feel that you must send more than one thing. Text alone is just fine if you don’t have something visual to send. But if you do send just a photo (or something else visual), please give me at least a little caption to go with it; for example, “Gina and Dawn in Boston, 1998."

To send a photo or text or both, this is what you do:

IMAGE — If sending a photo, drawing, postcard, or anything else visual, please send the largest, best digital version of the image you have. If a photograph, the original photo is ideal if you’ve got that! I can handle any image file format (JPG, TIFF, RAW, CR2, PSD, EPS … ). 

Name the image file with your own name; for example, “IMG-DawnOosterhoff.jpg.” That will ensure the right message is with the right photo and the right person!

  • The easiest way to send the image is to upload it using the button to the right and follow the directions. 

Note that once you've uploaded the file, you can't go back in and take the file out or revise it. (It's kind of like a postbox that way.) If you've made a mistake, not to worry, just upload a revised file or send me an email.


  • If you prefer to use email, send the image to Be sure that your email is not set to downsize the image. (Many email programs automatically downsize photos.) Keep your email attachment settings at “original,” “full size,” “highest resolution,” or equivalent.

(If you don't have a digital version of the image you want to send, email me. I have a solution for that too!)

Your Name *
Your Name

TEXT — You can send me your message by using the form on this page to the right (easy), by sending me your message in an email (also easy!) or if you've got more to say, by uploading the file using that big black button just above.)

If uploading a file, again, please name the file with your own name; for example, “TXT-DawnOosterhoff.doc.” I can handle any file format that allows me to copy and paste (TXT, DOC/DOCX, PAGES, RTF, INDD … ).

Oh, and because I’m an editor and likely to correct spelling and basic punctuation, do add a note if you have deliberately misspelled a word or something!

DEADLINE — Given that Gina’s birthday is over the holidays when printers are their busiest, I must have everything laid out, formatted, and ready to go to the publisher by the end of November. So the cutoff date for sending in images and text is Friday, November 17th.

I do hope you’ll contribute! By all means, contact me if you’ve got any questions (my details are at the bottom), and yes, yes, (secretly!) spread the word!

On Gina's birthday, after she has opened her printed copy of the book, I will post a web version here, so bookmark the page!

with thanks,


Dawn Oosterhoff
Information Genie
(613) 608-2336