I’ve been messing with photography since I was eleven years old. It was the darkroom first and then wielding around cameras. I won’t say how long ago that was, but I can tell you that I was “rolling my own” and needed a hand-held light meter with my SLR. 

Photography has been my love ever since. I am only half of me without my cameras. Photography runs in my blood, delivering creative nutrients to my brain so I can do everything else that I do.

Everyday Graces

This collection of photographs of Venice and environs was taken over a period of two years. They are not travel photographs as much as they are photographic anthropology—observations and records of people's activities in a certain community. These are ordinary moments seen extraordinarily—moments of grace in everyday life. I captured these moments, not as a means to hold the moment still through time, but to still time for viewers to step into the moment portrayed before them.

Light & Texture

A few years ago, I went through a portfolio review with a mentor. I pulled together about 400 images gathered from the previous seven or eight years of shooting, then my mentor culled the images with me, provided feedback on my work, and suggested how I could sequence my work in collections. I saw my work, style, and strengths in a whole new light. 

This is the first collection to grow out of that portfolio review. The series is a study of the interplay between light and texture, captured when and how I found it. In all cases, the photographs are the consequence of an experience, an impression retained as an outwardly visible sign of a feeling or effect or vision.


Fabulae, a work in progress, is a collection of stories I am constructing with found photographs, letters, and documents. I connect this evidence of real people I don't know in ways that make sense to me, then fill in missing pieces with my imagination to make the story whole.

Real identities, if known, are not used, but all names are built from information in the found materials. Extracts that I've used from letters and documents are reproduced as I found them, original spelling and all. To show respect for the real people who wrote these letters, I don't use the whole of any one letter. Where I have invented content, I've based the content on information that links my fabrication to a real event or person.

The result is what I call Fabulae. The name comes from the Latin word for "fable" and the French verb fabuler, which means to extrapolate a story about something real to the point that it becomes a tall tale.

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Ottawa and the National Capital Region


Behind Parliament is a series of photo essays committed to sharing information about the places and events behind Ottawa’s public face of Parliament, the Rideau Canal and ByWard Market. Places to visit and things to do are given context with stories about the famous, infamous, and not so famous people and events that have shaped Ottawa, the National Capital Region, and Canada. The information and stories may include gossip, but I promise that I’ve done my best to suss out and present accurate information. Finally, because I’m a photographer, this series of articles uses both visual and written narrative, and every featured place or event offers opportunities for photographers to stretch their skills.

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When I make a portrait, I want to capture the essence of a person, body and soul. Ten years of nursing taught me how to engage a person without shattering his or her privacy, and it's this approach that I bring to portrait photography. I want to reveal the genuine person–not uncomfortably exposed, but comfortably without a mask.